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Our Mission

Fulfilling job, joyful life.

We help Developers lead fulfilling life by finding perfect match career opportunities and helping them grow. We help Inventors, Entrepreneurs and well established Brands grow their business by connecting them with perfect fit Talent. We believe that when people lead fulfilling careers, they take the joy home and to their friends.

Our Story

By Developers for Developers.

We have a very unusual background for this type of company. We were Developers ourselves, started coding at the age of 8 on Commodore C64, then Amiga, PC and mobile. We moved between different IT roles, Dev, Tester, UX/UI and CTO/VPoE, in international corporates and startups. During our career we realised that many IT recruitment agencies don’t understand Developers. Thus we decided to create a company which is built by Developers, for Developers, a company which understands Developers' culture, sense of humour and needs.

We truly understand what motivates you, what irritates you, what are the pros of corpo jobs and what are the pros of startups. We’ve done that all ourselves. We go beyond just recruitment or outstaffing, we look a it as IT lifetime career care, built on close relationships with Developers. Our mission is to find perfect match between a Developer skills, experience, personality, desires, values and business opportunities. We don’t really care if a Developer is hired directly by us or our Clients, thus we are neither recruitment nor software house. We focus on people.

We invite you to help us build the best IT lifetime career care company in the world. Share with us your experience, tell us what frustrates you, tell us how you want to be contacted, tell us what’s interesting for you. We will make it smooth for you. We will be like your personal manager, coach and a friend, your one stop shop for fulfilling IT career.

What we do for Developers?

Lifetime Career Care.

Are you a Developer? We want to listen to you. We want to know what you are looking for, which technologies, products, types of companies or countries are interesting for you. We can give you advise on pros and cons of different options. Then we can present you several opportunities, based on your preferences. We can also contact you later if you wish. Get in touch with us and we will help you.

If you want to prepare for an interview, we can coach you. If you want to grow your soft skills, we can help you, if you want to know how to grow at your current job, we will advise you. Simply contact us.


  1. We find for you interesting assignments

  2. We prepare you for interviews

  3. We provide for you career and soft-skill mentoring

We have assignments around the world, permanent and temporary.

What we do for Clients?

Access to Top Talent and Extended Teams.

Are you Client? We can find the perfect matching Talent. We can also give you advise whom to look for. Sometimes what seems to be important is not really needed and the other way around.

By working closely, we give you feedback from the market so you can adjust your hiring and employer branding strategies.

We can also build for you whole subsidiaries, Teams and take care of the infrastructure, line management, retention. You focus on delivery management, we take care of the rest.

We can help you adjust your structures and processes for efficient remote work.


  1. Tech Talent Augmentation

  2. Building Your Extended Team

  3. Delivering software projects in a fast, transparent and secure way

Complementary services:

  1. Culture fit and personality testing

  2. Team building and multiculture awarness workshops

  3. Advice on establishing remote, Agile structure and processes compatible with your current organisation